Tip of the Day

Brain Awareness Week: Strategies for Each Life Stage

Brain Awareness Week: Strategies for Each Life Stage Happy Brain Awareness Week! If you could peek inside your brain at every birthday, you would see that it is constantly changing. Brain cells develop and disappear, the connections between them strengthen and weaken over time, even the size of the brain can change as the years […]

Recalibrate Your Brain and Your To-Do List

Recalibrate Your Brain and Your To-Do List In today’s fast-paced world, we measure our own importance – and the importance of those around us – by how much we can pack into our days. From single tasking in lieu of multitasking to taking mental breaks, here are eight tips to help you approach your next […]

The Brain Benefits of Love

The Brain Benefits of Love Being in love comes with some solid health benefits, according to a growing body of scientific research. Dr. Helen Riess, director of the Empathy and Relational Science Program at Massachusetts General Hospital explains how falling head over heels can help your health, both mentally and physically. Source: TIME

Heart Health Now Can Impact Brain Health Later

Heart Health Now Can Impact Brain Health Later February marks American Heart Month, a great time to focus on the benefits of keeping your heart – and in turn other parts of your body – healthy. A study published in the journal Neurology found that people who take good care of their hearts younger in […]

Emotional Intelligence and Stress 

Emotional Intelligence and Stress Everyone can have stressful days in and out of the office, and it is natural to have a negative emotional response in these situations. However, a person with high emotional intelligence (EQ) is self-aware enough to recognize those feelings and talk themselves down before they get pushed over the edge. Forbes

Take a Deep Breath

Take a Deep Breath Did you know your brain has what scientists call a “breathing pacemaker” in your brainstem? This neural circuit can be adjusted by breathing rhythm, which in turn influences emotional reactions to stress. Centuries of wisdom instructs us to pay closer attention to our breathing, one of the most basic things we […]

Your Brain on Autopilot

Your Brain on Autopilot Ever realized you have driven yourself home but have not really been paying attention? Brain scans have revealed that when your mind wanders, it switches into “autopilot” mode, enabling you to carry on without much conscious thought. Our autopilot mode seems to be run by a set of brain structures called […]

Your Brain on Art

Your Brain on Art We generally laugh more, cry more and enjoy ourselves more at a live performance than when we are watching TV at home. We may even lose ourselves and feel connected to something larger. How does this happen? Source: Washington Post

Lifelong Brain Changes

Lifelong Brain Changes Myth: You are stuck with the brain you have had since you were born. Truth: While many neural pathways for learning are created before birth, new pathways can be created throughout life. Source: U.S. News & World Report

Curiosity Can Influence Decisions

Curiosity Can Influence Decisions What if you had a choice between a fortune cookie dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles or a plain fortune cookie that contained a personalized fortune, which would you eat? A new study finds that feeling curious can help people make smarter, and even sometimes healthier, decisions. Source: Medical Daily