Tip of the Day

Memory is not the definition of smart

Memory is not the definition of smart. A brain too occupied with remembering every detail, name, date or statistic is less likely to work efficiently. Focusing on having a perfect memory depletes limited brain resources that are better served utilizing cognitive functions that promote independence throughout life, such as problem solving, decision-making, and critical reasoning. […]

Brain Injury Recovery

Recovery from a brain injury is a lifelong process that needs to be monitored regularly to make sure the impact stays in remission, similar to how health-care providers continue to follow cancer patients.

Give Your Brain a Break

Give your brain a break: Proven ways to reduce stress include exercising, getting more and better sleep, spending quality time with others, and experiencing new adventures, which are more likely to happen on vacation.

Thrive from 9 to 5

Help develop a more efficient way to be focused and mentally present in meetings and on conference calls by making these oftentimes brain drains more inspiring and engaging for an innovative exchange of ideas.


Brainomics: Incremental increases in brainpower will have an exponential impact on your bottom line.

Novice vs. Expert Brain

The novice brain, when learning new concepts or tasks, is in a state of high activation, being stretched and rewired. Once the novice brain masters the task at hand to achieve expert status, sometimes in a mere few hours, activity in the brain slows. Cycling the brain through novice and expert states will help keep […]

Think in Themes

Make Your Brain Smarter: Move away from surface-level, uninspired thinking and instead challenge your mind to think in themes, which will strengthen connections between different areas of your brain.

Success = Flexible mental resources

Success = Flexible mental resources. Often we crave easy decisions and automatic pilot, but routines and rote thinking fail to nourish our creativity. It is increasingly important to strengthen your fluid intelligence–how flexibly someone uses what they know and applies learning in new ways.

Foster your curiosity by exploring your passions

Foster your curiosity by exploring your passions. Stepping into the unknown does not have to mean abandoning what you know and love. Simply challenging yourself to broaden and deepen your knowledge or skill will ensure that you and your brain are constantly changing, growing and expanding.