Tip of the Day

Curiosity and Decisions

Curiosity and Decisions What if you had a choice between a fortune cookie dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles or a plain fortune cookie that contained a personalized fortune, which would you eat? A new study finds that feeling curious can help people make smarter, and even sometimes healthier, decisions. Source: Medical Daily

Explore Nature

Explore Nature Research has shown that you may benefit from a healthy “dose of nature”. Those who visit parks for 30 minutes or more each week are much less likely to have poor mental health than those who don’t, according to a study published in Nature Scientific Reports. Breathing in fresh air and experiencing the […]

Make Sleep a Priority

Make Sleep a Priority Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Instead of burning the midnight oil, make sleep a priority. This will help you get more done during your waking hours. Also, pay attention to which times of the day you feel most alert. Use those times to schedule your most intense […]

Power down for Insight

Power down for Insight We can often get caught in a state of information overload, which can leave us deprived of deep thoughts. Learn to press pause by stepping away, unplugging from technology, and disengaging from the task at hand. Allowing our brains to rest will allow new insights, or aha moments, to emerge.

Stay Social to Enhance Brain Health

Stay Social to Enhance Brain Health Social engagement with friends and family can bring about happiness. Spending quality time with friends and family can also benefit brain health. Research shows regular social activity promotes the creation of new brain cells and supports brain repair. Keep this in mind as you schedule your next gathering. Source: […]

Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness The present moment is the precious moment. Breathing is a great mindfulness practice because it is something we usually do out of necessity, and it is also a good way to bring awareness back to the here and now. Try taking three or four deep breaths while thinking about the air slowly entering […]

Sleep and Brain Health

Sleep and Brain Health Sleep is vital to your brain’s health. The amount of quality rest you get has a direct impact on your ability to handle challenges, solve problems, and feel happy throughout the day. Look for ways to detach from electronics and transition into a nightly ritual like journaling for 20 minutes before […]

Mediodorsal Thalamus and Learning

Mediodorsal Thalamus and Learning Each new day brings new experiences and new opportunities to learn more about our surroundings. Studies have shown that the mediodorsal thalamus is known to be involved in decision-making, but a new study confirms the brain region’s specific responsibility in swiftly updating information as we learn. Source: Medical Daily

Innovation in the Workplace

Innovation in the Workplace Instead of repeating the same work tasks over and over, mix it up and try a new approach. Say no to the status quo. Everyone has the potential to think of innovative solutions. Inviting coworkers to create new solutions builds a healthier brain environment.

Innovative Approaches to Daily Tasks

Innovative Approaches to Daily Tasks Ramp up your innovative capacity and cultivate your creativity by thinking of a way to improve any day-to-day task. The next time you start a household chore like laundry, roll up your sleeves, turn on some music, and dance while completing the task.