Tip of the Day

Mediodorsal Thalamus and Learning

Mediodorsal Thalamus and Learning Each new day brings new experiences and new opportunities to learn more about our surroundings. Studies have shown that the mediodorsal thalamus is known to be involved in decision-making, but a new study confirms the brain region’s specific responsibility in swiftly updating information as we learn. Source: Medical Daily

Innovation in the Workplace

Innovation in the Workplace Instead of repeating the same work tasks over and over, mix it up and try a new approach. Say no to the status quo. Everyone has the potential to think of innovative solutions. Inviting coworkers to create new solutions builds a healthier brain environment.

Innovative Approaches to Daily Tasks

Innovative Approaches to Daily Tasks Ramp up your innovative capacity and cultivate your creativity by thinking of a way to improve any day-to-day task. The next time you start a household chore like laundry, roll up your sleeves, turn on some music, and dance while completing the task.

Quality Over Quantity

Often, our workloads focus on building a brain that retains high volumes of data, but not a brain that can think critically, get out of status-quo mentality, and figure out new pathways and solutions. It is not about how much knowledge capacity you have, but how you use what you know to solve new problems […]

Press Pause for Success

Press Pause for Success Working on your daily tasks without taking breaks to reflect on actions hinders productivity and can often increase stress. While it seems counterintuitive to slow down in order to increase mental energy, try it; it works. Give complex decisions and projects the time, reflection and attention they need.

From positive memories to emotions and improved health

Psych Central: From positive memories to emotions and improved health A new U.K. study highlights the effectiveness of using positive memories and images to cultivate positive emotions. Researchers from the University of Liverpool investigated individuals’ emotional reactions to a guided mental imagery task focusing on positive social memory called the “social Broad Minded Affective Coping […]

Seek a Broader Perspective

Seek a Broader Perspective The next time you watch a thrilling movie or listen to an innovative discussion, try to zoom out and seek a broader perspective. Imagine zooming out to a helicopter view in order to consider all of the different pieces of information including disparate viewpoints. Consolidate facts and opinions to create big […]

One Task at a Time

One Task at a Time Chronic multitasking can exhaust your mind, increase stress and even lead to early mental decline. Your brain is not designed to do more than one thing at a time. Frequently switching between tasks can overload the brain and make you less efficient. Instead of getting overwhelmed and trying to multitask […]

Prepare Your Mind to Focus

Prepare Your Mind to Focus People have often practiced meditation for many reasons – improving self awareness, relaxation, and in some cases, to train the mind not to wander from one thought to the next.  A recent study from researchers at the University of California, Davis found that practicing meditation could improve an individual’s focus while reading.

Give your brain permission to unwind

Give your brain permission to unwind A recent Psych Central article, provides three tips for relaxing after a very hectic day: Wrap up your day Take five minutes to capture any loose ends on to-do lists and calendars. This can help reassure your brain that it does not need to keep scanning or stay alert […]