U.S. News & World Report: How inactivity and junk food can harm your brain

If you’re in your 50s and your typical day involves sitting at a desk followed by lounging on the sofa and succumbing to late-night snacks, the long-term toll on your mind might be greater than you think. Like dominoes, an unhealthy lifestyle can trigger inflammation throughout your body, which can then accelerate wear-and-tear on your […]

Science Daily: When good cells go bad: Regulating the MS-causing properties of Th17 cells

Multiple sclerosis (MS) and other inflammatory autoimmune diseases are characterized by localized inflammation in various tissues, including the brain. Using a mouse model of MS, a team has identified a major regulator of Th17 cell-associated pathogenic inflammatory processes. The protein, Satb1, enhances the expression of genes promoting inflammation and suppresses genes needed to prevent autoimmunity. […]

Medical News Today: Alzheimer’s: How do tau tangles grow?

New research in the Journal of Biological Chemistry breaks down the process through which tau tangles grow as long as they do. The findings may lead to new therapies that target the formation of tau aggregates in Alzheimer’s disease. One of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease is the so-called tau tangles. Tau is a protein […]

Psych Central: Fitness-brain function link in old age may be more robust in men

A new Canadian study of older adults suggests that the well-established link between physical fitness and brain function may be particularly strong in men. The findings are published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. Previous research has linked fitness levels with changes in the brain’s nerve-rich gray matter and better cognitive function in later life. […]

The New York Times: The neuroscience of ‘rock-a-bye baby’

Want to fall effortlessly into profound slumber and sleep like a baby? Everyone knows that infants can be lulled to sleep by gentle rocking. Well, now it seems that what works for babies works for adults, too. New research shows that a slow rocking motion not only improves sleep but also can help people consolidate […]

Futurity: Musical surprises light up the brain’s reward center

Surprises in music activate the reward center of our brains, and help us learn about the music as we listen, research finds. Researchers put 20 volunteers through a musical reward learning task. Each participant chose a color, then a direction. Each choice came with a certain probability of leading to either a consonant, pleasurable musical […]

Quanta Magazine: How the brain creates a timeline of the past

It began about a decade ago at Syracuse University, with a set of equations scrawled on a blackboard. Marc Howard, a cognitive neuroscientist now at Boston University, and Karthik Shankar, who was then one of his postdoctoral students, wanted to figure out a mathematical model of time processing: a neurologically computable function for representing the […]

Medical Xpress: Researchers identify brain protein crucial to recovery from stroke

Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States suffers a stroke and available therapies, such as clot busting drugs or clot removal devices, are focused on limiting the extent of brain damage. Now, research from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System shows that a brain protein called UCHL1 […]