Cosmos: How the brain remembers amputated limbs, and continues to control them

Most people who have lost a limb still feel its presence decades later. This phenomenon, dubbed “phantom limb”, has long been a mystery. But with new ultra-high resolution brain scanning, we are now able to look inside the brains of amputees for previously hidden clues. We recently showed three striking cases of amputees with incredibly […]

Science News: Brain scans decode an elusive signature of consciousness

A conscious brain hums with elaborate, interwoven signals, a study finds. Scientists uncovered that new signature of consciousness by analyzing brain activity of healthy people and of people who were not aware of their surroundings. The result, published online February 6 in Science Advances, makes headway on a tough problem: how to accurately measure awareness […]

UPI: Mechanical clot removal safe for small stroke damage, study says

Mechanical clot removal has proven to be safe for stroke patients with a small amount of brain damage, new research says. About 35 percent of large core stroke patients who had clots removed mechanically regained functional independence in three months, according to a new study presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2019. […]

Medical Xpress: Does social media push teens to depression? New study says no

Time spent on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook probably isn’t driving teenagers to depression, a new study contends. In fact, Canadian researchers found the relationship worked in the opposite direction—teenage girls who were already depressed tended to spend more time on social media, to try to feel better. (February 8, 2019) Read the full article here

ADDitude: Brain hacks for ADHD minds at work

Back when I was a struggling advertising executive, before I knew I had ADHD, I couldn’t stay on task or get projects finished. I didn’t know why, but I knew chances were good that I wouldn’t be promoted. One day a friend gave me an audio book, Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. (February […]

Quartz: One part of the brain appears to be immune to Alzheimer’s

The hallmark characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease are buildups of amyloid and tau proteins, which damage neurons over time. But researchers have suspected that Alzheimer’s causes other, smaller changes to the brain, including some generated by the organ itself as it tries to fight the disease. These changes show up as different proteins, or the presence […]

Business Insider: What staring at a screen all day does to your brain and body

It’s 11:00 pm. You should be asleep. But you’re watching a video on your phone. Tomorrow, you’ll wake up and go to work, where you’ll stare at your computer for 8 hours. When you get home, you’ll watch a movie on TV. And if you’re anything like the average American adult, you spend more than […]

Fast Company: 3 simple habits that can protect your brain from cognitive decline

You might think that the impact of aging on the brain is something you can’t do much about. After all, isn’t it an inevitability? To an extent, as we may not be able to rewind the clock and change our levels of higher education or intelligence (both factors that delay the onset of symptoms of […]

Medical Xpress: First identification of brain’s preparation for action

Neuroscientists at Bangor University and University College London have for the first time, identified the processes which occur in our brains milliseconds before we undertake a series of movements, crucial for speech, handwriting, sports or playing a musical instrument. They have done so by measuring tiny magnetic fields outside the participants’ head and identifying unique […]