Medical Xpress: Treacherous correlation in the brain from smoking

Out with the cigarette pack, put a cigarette in the mouth and light up. That is a well-known action for a smoker and, at the same time, behavior which has a stronger connection to actual drug dependency than was previously believed, research at the Sahlgrenska Academy has revealed. (October 12, 2017) Read the full article […]

New York Times: High blood pressure in midlife tied to later dementia

Women with high blood pressure in their 40s are at increased risk for dementia in later years, researchers report. But the finding does not hold for men. Beginning in 1964, investigators collected health and lifestyle information on 5,646 men and women when they were 30 to 35 years old, and again when they were in […]

Science Daily: Brain chemical abnormalities in earliest stage of psychosis identified

A new study of young people experiencing a first episode of psychosis reports elevations in the brain chemicals glutamate and glycine. Published in Biological Psychiatry, the study led by Dr. Dost Öngür of Harvard Medical School provides the first ever measurement of glycine levels in patients with psychotic disorders. (October 11, 2017) Read the full […]

Big Think: Scientists discover how meditation changes in the brain

Meditation is not only a good way to beat the stress but it actually changes the brains of its practitioners. The specific kind of changes depend on the type of meditation you practice, conclude new studies from the Max Planck Institute of Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Germany. (October 10, 2017) Read the full […]

Medical News Today: Could the discovery of new immune cells help to treat obesity?

Scientists have discovered a previously undocumented group of immune cells that interact with the nervous system to play a key role in obesity. They suggest that the breakthrough may lead to new targets for obesity treatments. The researchers – led by Ana Domingos, Ph.D., from the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in Portugal – describe the […]

Big Think: Can you learn how to control your dreams?

Have you ever had a dream so real, you mistook it for reality? This is a state called lucid dreaming.3 Truth be told, little is known about sleep, a condition we’re in for about a third of our lifetime. The average person over age 10 dreams about 4-6 times per night. By conducting experiments using […]

Wired: This breakthrough could help diagnose CTE in living patients

Athletes who repeatedly suffer blows to the head face brain injuries and in the most extreme cases, death. Now, a new study has identified a biomarker that could be used to diagnosis a brain disease that affects athletes with repeated head injuries. CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), which can currently only be diagnosed after death, is […]

Science Daily: Bright light therapy at midday helped patients with bipolar depression

Daily exposure to bright white light at midday significantly decreased symptoms of depression and increased functioning in people with bipolar disorder, a recent study found. More than 68 percent of patients who received midday bright light achieved a normal level of mood, compared to 22.2 percent of patients who received a dim placebo light. (October […]