Tech Crunch: Hack Your Brain With A Machine That Reads Minds

Star Wars first planted the idea over 35 years ago that we could move objects with our minds. That idea is now a reality that has come a long way in the last few years. Emotiv is on the cutting edge of that technology with headgear that allows you to do things, such as make a toy car […]

Laboratory Equipment: Light Can Control Brain Noninvasively

Optogenetics, a technology that allows scientists to control brain activity by shining light on neurons, relies on light-sensitive proteins that can suppress or stimulate electrical signals within cells. This technique requires a light source to be implanted in the brain, where it can reach the cells to be controlled. MIT engineers have now developed the first […]

Time: Noninvasive Brain Control Is Real — and That’s Good

A diabolical-sounding breakthrough may actually be able to treat a range of disabling disease. You might think you don’t want anyone controlling your brain. You might think that anyone who did want to control your brain was behaving, you know, invasively. But you’d be wrong — and that’s actually very good news. Most of the […]

Medical Daily: Alzheimer’s Disease Worsening May Stop With Discovery of Promising New Compound

The discovery of a new compound could be the key to stopping Alzheimer’s disease from worsening. Researchers from the Sidney Strickland’s Laboratory of Neurobiology and Genetics at Rockefeller University will publish their promising new findings in the journal Nature Reviews Drug Discovery in July. “Our experiments in test tubes and in mouse models of Alzheimer’s showed the compound, known as […]

Huffington Post: Is It Dementia Or Alzheimer’s Or Normal Aging? (Does It Matter?)

Millions of us never find out exactly what’s causing Mom to start cursing or a diligent husband to forget to pay bills. Even after memory loss and cognitive glitches become impossible to ignore, families don’t always seek (or receive) an official diagnosis. We just deal with the effects. Besides, the name that doctors put in […]

MIT Technology: Review Designing Brain Implants to Detect More and Last Longer

Inside the biomedical electronics lab at GE Global Research in Niskayuna, New York, Jeff Ashe, a principal engineer, holds up a mechanical pencil and points to its thin graphite point. That, he says, is the size of the new wireless brain implants GE is developing. The hope is that smaller, more biocompatible implants will help […]

Bloomberg: Can Europe Map the Human Brain?

After centuries of research, there’s a great deal we still don’t know about the human brain. To figure out what’s going on inside your head, the European Union is putting more than $1.6 billion into the Human Brain Project. Neuroscientists across Europe are using big-data systems to compile as much scientific data on the brain as it […]

Psych Central: How Sweet Talk Emotionally Engages The Brain

New research shows that taste-related words, such as describing something as “sweet” or “bitter,” engage the emotional centers of the brain more than literal words with the same meaning. For their study, researchers from Princeton University and the Free University of Berlin had volunteers read 37 sentences that included common metaphors based on taste while […]

Tech Times: Traumatic brain injury ups risk of Alzheimer’s, early death

Joining the military service comes with serious risks. Many soldiers die in military operations and those who managed to survive continue to be influenced and affected by their experience. Warfare-related injuries, in particular, have long term impact on health and a new study suggests that military veterans who experienced traumatic brain injury (TBI) have increased […]