Fairborn Daily Herald: Dayton Children’s joins Wright State, Premier Health neuroscience research venture

The Wright State University & Premier Health Neuroscience Institute, together with Dayton Children’s Hospital, announced Thursday the affiliation of Dayton Children’s, with the institute to boost pediatric neuroscience research in the region and enhance pediatric care. Dayton Children’s clinicians and researchers will formally participate in a broad range of research and educational programs with the […]

The Guardian: Could this $300 headset transform the lives of ‘locked-in’ patients?

By analyzing those signals using a machine-learning algorithm, BrainControl, a Sienna-based developer, claims to be able to distinguish Anselmo’s thoughts and intentions from other brain noise and use those signals to operate a cursor on a tablet computer. The cursor has three positions: “si”, “no”, and “non so” (“yes”, “no”, and “don’t know”). In theory, […]

Fox News: ADHD classified into 3 types based on kids’ personalities

There are three distinct types of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that match up with children’s personalities, some researchers suggest. What’s more, looking at these ADHD types is better than the current diagnostic methods in predicting which children will go on to develop further mental-health problems, the researchers said in the new study. The finding of these […]

Psych Central: Neuroscience Discovery May Accelerate Brain Research

Researchers have determined that the human brain operates much the same whether active or at rest. Experts believe this finding will provide a better understanding of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other serious mental health conditions that afflict an estimated 13.6 million Americans. Poor connectivity between areas of the brain may be at the root of […]

TriCities: VA team develops concussion app

Micaela Cornis-Pop of McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center led a team that developed a Concussion Coach app for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The app is available for iPads and iPods, and it will be available for the Android platform later this year. This is a VA-developed mobile app that supports self-management of symptoms […]

PR Newswire: Representative Patrick Kennedy visits Moberg’s medical device facility to discuss improvement in brain injury care

Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy visited Moberg Research’s (Moberg) medical device manufacturing facility. Rep. Kennedy and Dick Moberg discussed how Moberg’s advanced neurological monitors facilitate cutting-edge research in neurological disease and treatment. In 2011, Rep. Kennedy and mental health advocate, Garen Staglin, created One Mind, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to fostering fundamental changes that will […]

Medical Daily: When Concussions Get Emotional: Sensitivity To Light And Noise Up Chances For Depression, Anxiety

A recent University of Kentucky study found sensitivity to light and noise produced greater rates of depression, anxiety, attention difficulties, and irritability among teens who recently sustained concussions than those without the sensitivities. The findings support parents, coaches, and athletic programs developing a comprehensive program to deal with student athletes who suffer these injuries and […]

News Medical: First step in developing evidence-based concussion guidelines

A research review identifying the clinical indicators most strongly associated with concussion is an important first step in the process of developing evidence-based guidelines for concussion diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment, according to a new report published by Neurosurgery, official journal of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons. Based on analysis of the best available research data, […]

Business Insider: This Cognitive Bias Explains Why You Keep Putting Off Saving Money

Why is it so hard to save for retirement? If you really don’t have a surplus cent, that’s one thing. But many of us do have money to spare, so our avoidance of this major financial tenet must be attributed to something else. For instance, the cognitive bias of “time discounting.” In non-psych speak, that’s […]