The Fiscal Times: Why a “Walkable” City Is Good for Your Mental Health

It’s well known that living in an easy-to-walk community can improve your health. A new study from the University of Kansas has found that walkable neighborhoods also encourage cognition such as better memory in older adults. “The investigation shows neighborhoods that motivate walking can stave off cognitive decline in older adults,” according to a press […]

RedOrbit: Anxiety Can Damage The Brain And Speed The Onset Of Alzheimer’s

A new study, led by the Baycrest Health Sciences’ Rotman Research Institute, has found that anxiety significantly increases the risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) converting to Alzheimer’s disease. The findings, published online in The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, reveal that anxiety symptoms in patients with MCI increase the risk of a speedier decline […]

NECN: New App Helps Veterans Recover From Brain Injuries

It may look like a child’s memory game or the next addictive iPad app, but the brain games presented on “Constant Therapy” are much more than they appear. The app, developed at Boston University, is the latest tool to try to treat patients with traumatic brain injury. “Constant Therapy provides a mobile solution that is […]

Fulfill The Promise

“Your brain never stops developing and changing. It’s been doing it from the time you were an embryo, and will keep doing it all your life. And this ability, perhaps, represents its greatest strength.” – James Trefil, physicist and author. Multitasking Is Not Only Ineffective, But It Might Also Damage Your Brain

Most of the time, multitasking is an illusion. You think you are multitasking, but in reality you’re actually wasting time switching from one task to another. So many people — especially millennials — believe multitasking is a skill they have perfected and will proudly proclaim how much more effective they are because of it. Sadly, […]

CBS Local: Experts Look For Ways To Treat ‘Chemo Brain’

Coping with breast cancer is never easy and recovering from the treatment can also be hard on the body. However, new tests are underway to relieve the effects of a condition called “chemo brain.” Clinical social worker Saundra Weller is part of an Inova-based program called Life with Cancer. They offer wellness programs like yoga […]

Medical Xpress: ‘Darting’ Mice May Hold Clues to ADHD, Autism and Bipolar Disorder

A darting mouse may hold an important clue in the development of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism and bipolar disorder, according to a study by a Vanderbilt University-led research team recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The transgenic mouse, into which was inserted a rare human genetic variation in the […]

Science 2.0: Brain Threat Response Reduced If You Know You Are Cared For

An experiment with 42 people under functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) found that if people see pictures of others being loved and cared for, it subsequently reduces the brain’s threat monitor, the amygdala, response to threats. This occurred even if the person was not paying attention to the content of the first pictures. The study […]

Huffington Post: 5 Benefits Of Being A Curious Person

Curiosity killed the cat? Not exactly. Evidence continues to emerge about the benefits of being an inquisitive, interested person. Not only does staying wide-eyed about the world make life more fun, it also has a number of surprising benefits. Here are five reasons why curiosity is great. (November 9, 2014) Read the full article here […]