New York Daily News: Athletes can be trained to push through pain: study

Shedding light on athletes’ ability to work through pain, researchers at the University of Luxembourg conducted an experiment in which they conditioned subjects to numb-out their pain sensations. In Luxembourg, researchers delivered painful electric pulses to a subject’s foot and measured the intensity. Participants were then asked to place their hand in a bucket of […]

Huffington Post: Sex Addiction And Drug Addiction Linked In The Brain

People with so-called “sex addictions” may have patterns of brain activity similar to those of people with drug addictions, a new study finds. When people in the study who reported compulsive sexual behavior watched pornography, they experienced heightened brain activity in the same regions where activity is heightened during drug use in people with drug […]

Medical Xpress: Molecular imbalance linked to brain tumor seizures

Researchers in France may have discovered why some patients with a type of brain tumour have epileptic seizures.Their study, published in Science Translational Medicine, suggests that seizures in patients with glioma may be linked to an imbalance of chloride – which is involved in nerve activity – in certain brain cells. Whether a patient has […]

National Geographic: The Sexual Politics of Autism

The sex skew in autism is real: A diagnosis of autism is almost five times more common in 8-year-old boys than in 8-year-old girls, according to the latest statistics from the CDC. But it’s not that simple. Most people don’t realize, for example, that autism’s sex bias changes dramatically depending on the severity of the […]

Alzheimer’s Research UK: Could sense of smell be a clue to early Alzheimer’s?

The first study, by researchers at Harvard Medical School, collected data on 215 healthy people who underwent a smell identification test, along with memory and thinking tests and brain scans for signs of Alzheimer’s. The team reported that a poorer sense of smell was associated with a thinner entorhinal cortex – an area of the […]

NBC News: Worried You May Be Developing Alzheimer’s? Check Your Eyes

People worried they might be developing early signs of Alzheimer’s may be able to ask their eye doctors to have a quick peek during a regular exam, experts reported Sunday. Or they may be able to take a simple smell test. Four studies being presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, strengthen […]

Autism Speaks: Major Medicaid Breakthrough Announced For Autism

In a major victory for Medicaid coverage of autism, a federal agency has directed the states to cover medically necessary treatments for autism for children and young adults, including behavioral health treatments such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). An estimated one-third of all children with autism receive primary coverage through Medicaid. The announcement by the […]

Greenbay Press Gazette: Brain injury survivors get help coping with disabilities

N.E.W. Curative Rehabilitation in Green Bay helps individuals who struggle with serious brain injuries practice speaking, socializing and remembering. The program is the only one of its kind in Northeastern Wisconsin providing long-term rehab specifically for individuals with brain injuries. It opened in 1987 offering services one and one-half days each week but expanded to […]

Motor E Magazine: Genetic Factors May Be Responsible for Slowing Concussion Recovery in Athletes

Athletes with a certain genetic make-up are prone to a longer recovery period from concussions, according to research presented today at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine’s (AOSSM) Annual Meeting. The research marks the first of its kind investigating a genetic association to concussion based on the known physical events that occur after a […]

Huffington Post: Hyperconnected, But Mindfully So

I woke up one morning last summer and I couldn’t open my mouth. At all. My jaw was locked shut. This new chronic pain caused me to pay attention to how often I was clenching my jaw. As it turns out, I was clenching it a lot. As it turns out, not only when I […]