PR Newswire: World’s Largest Database of Functional Brain Scans Produces New Insights to Help Better Diagnose and Treat Mental Health Issues

A one-of-a-kind searchable database of almost 100,000 functional brain scans related to behavior on patients from 111 countries is now poised to change the way psychiatry has been practiced for the last 170 years. Amen Clinics – a group of 6 nationwide psychiatric clinics founded in 1989 by psychiatrist Daniel G. Amen, M.D. – amassed […]

UW Today: Orphanage Care Linked to Thinner Brain Tissue in Regions Related to ADHD

Under the rule of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, thousands of Romanian children were placed in overcrowded orphanages with bleak conditions and minimal human contact. Even after the 1989 revolution, the legacy of institutionalization continued. Only recently has research and public concern over early childhood environments caused changes in policies. University of Washington research on children who […]

Medical Xpress: Rare Genetic Disease Protects Against Bipolar Disorder

A team of scientists led by researchers at the UMass Medical School and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (UMMSM) have identified what is likely a key genetic pathway underlying bipolar disorder, a breakthrough that could lead to better drugs for treating bipolar affective disorder, as well as depression and other related mood […]

Know Brainer

Know Brainer: What’s good for the heart is good for the brain. Make time for physical fitness, and watch what you eat. A diet rich with vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, legumes and olive oil, and less red meat, dairy products, and sweets reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, which plays a major factor in cognitive losses.

Wall Street Journal: Teen Researchers Defend Media Multitasking

Some teens doing homework while listening to music and juggling tweets and texts may actually work better that way, according to an intriguing new study performed by two high-school seniors. The Portland, Ore., students were invited to the annual conference of the American Academy of Pediatrics in San Diego this past weekend to present a […]

Medical News Today: Injury to Brain ‘Hubs’ Does More Damage

Hubs are locations in the brain where different networks come together to help us think and complete mental tasks. Now, a new study offers a fresh view of how injury affects the brain. It finds damage to brain hubs disrupts our capacity to think and adapt to everyday challenges more severely than damage to locations […]

Medical Xpress: Timing is Key for Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have discovered two potential treatments for traumatic brain injury that are most effective when given at different stages after the injury has occurred. Laboratory studies conducted in the University’s School of Medical Sciences have confirmed that changes in brain water channels over time play a critical role in traumatic […]

Science Daily: Stenting Safe, Effective for Long-Term Stroke Prevention

Using stents to keep neck arteries open is just as effective as invasive neck surgery for long-term prevention of fatal and disabling strokes, reports an international trial led by UCL (University College London) funded by the Medical Research Council and Stroke Association. “These latest research findings suggest that overall, stenting is just as safe, and […]

Science World Report: Sulforaphane In Broccoli Could Help Reduce The Symptoms Of Autism

Broccoli continues to be known as a superfood that holds essential nutrients. Yet recent findings published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) reveal that this vegetable could help to reduce symptoms associated with autism. A recent study recruited 44 male participants between the ages of 13 and 27 who had moderate […]