Stave Off Decline in Alzheimer’s

Stave Off Decline in Alzheimer’s: Failing to get a diagnosis and ignoring the potential onset of Alzheimer’s can place increased pressure and stress on a person with the disease to overwork his or her capacity to use strategies to try to camouflage the deficits.

Herald Sun: ‘Stroke clock’ Developed by Researchers at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health Could Aid Survival

Melbourne medical researchers are developing a “stroke clock”, a finger-prick blood test to diagnose when the brain injury occurred. They believe this could allow up to an extra two million people a year to be treated. The biggest barriers for lifesaving emergency stroke therapy are delay and ignorance of when the injury happened. About 20 […]

News Medical: NeuroSigma, VA Partner to Evaluate eTNS System for TBI Patients in Phase I Clinical Trial

NeuroSigma®, Inc. (NeuroSigma), a California-based life sciences company focused on commercialization of its non-invasive Monarch eTNS System for the treatment of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders, today announced that it has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Veterans Affairs (VA) for a clinical trial to evaluate the benefits of non-invasive, […]

Medical Xpress: Gene Variants Implicated in ADHD Identify Attention and Language

Are deficits in attention limited to those with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or is there a spectrum of attention function in the general population? The answer to this question has implications for psychiatric diagnoses and perhaps for society, broadly. A new study published in the current issue ofBiological Psychiatry, by researchers at Cardiff University School of […]

Popular Mechanics: In Mice, Scientists Make an Old Brain Act Young

The brain never really loses its ability to act young—it just uses a brain receptor to turn that ability off, a new study suggests. In a young person (or a young mouse, in the case of this study), brain circuits are more plastic—they’re highly moldable, reorganizing with ease and making new connections to learn new […]

Your Brain, Your Productivity

Your Brain, Your Productivity: We have learned more about the brain and its capability to be strengthened and repaired in the past ten years than in all previous years combined.

ABC Local: The Practicing Parent: Sleep Facts

Practicing Parents know the importance of sleep all too well. Mostly, because they probably haven’t had a good night’s rest in quite a while! Here are some sleep facts: The average new parent loses 1,056 hours of sleep the first year of their child’s life. That’s almost 44 days! You can go two weeks without […]

The Atlantic: Walking for a Better Brain

When a 70-year-old man walked the length of the United States in 1909, he sparked a conversation that ultimately changed medicine’s ideas about the value of exercise in old age. Edward Payson Weston started off on foot from New York to San Francisco in March 1909. He was 70 years old, and would eventually arrive […]