Science World Report: Brain Circuit Problem May Cause the ‘Voices’ in Schizophrenia

Scientists may have just found out what causes the “voices” in schizophrenia. They’ve identified problems in a connection between brain structures that may predispose individuals to hearing the “voices” that are a common symptom of schizophrenia. In order to learn a bit more about the underlying brain circuitry that might cause a person to hear voices, the […]

Entrepreneur: Relax! Come Back Stronger by Taking a True Day Off.

Entrepreneurs are value-creators and creating is a process that stresses mental muscles. Like any other muscle, our brains need time for rest and recovery to work well. Want proof? Think back to that gnarly problem you were trying to work out late on a Friday afternoon. You didn’t want to leave it until Monday (that […]

US News & World Report: Yoga, Meditation May Help Dementia Patients and Caregivers Alike

Life with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias can be difficult for the affected individual and his or her caregiver. But a small British study suggests that a “holistic” program involving yoga, meditation and other interventions can ease the burden for both. “This is an activity that caregivers and patients can do together,” said study lead […]

Live Science: Red Wine Compound May Improve Memory, Study Suggests

A substance found in red wine and dark chocolate that has been touted for its supposed anti-aging effects may improve people’s memory, new research suggests. In a study of overweight adults, those who took resveratrol supplements for six months had better short-term recall than their counterparts who took a placebo. The people who took the supplement also […]

Health Canal: Brain traffic jams that can disappear in 30 seconds

New study finds that blockages in fruit fly brains quickly form and dissolve; it could help treat Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s diseases. Scientists have found that cellular blockages, the molecular equivalent to traffic jams, in nerve cells of the insect’s brain can form and dissolve in 30 seconds or less. The findings, presented in the journal […]

BBC: Sleep’s memory role discovered

The mechanism by which a good night’s sleep improves learning and memory has been discovered by scientists. The team in China and the US used advanced microscopy to witness new connections between brain cells – synapses – forming during sleep. Their study, published in the journal Science, showed even intense training could not make up for […]

Fox News: Environmental pollution linked to autism, schizophrenia, study shows

Exposure to environmental pollution may cause brain changes that make people more vulnerable to developing autism or schizophrenia, according to a new study published in Environmental Heath Perspectives. This research falls in line with a 2013 study published in JAMA Psychiatry, which demonstrated an epidemiological link between pollution and autism; the researchers found that children who lived […]

Health Canal: Research lays foundations for brain damage study

Researchers at The University of Queensland have made a key step that could eventually offer hope for stroke survivors and other people with brain damage. The international study, led by researchers at UQ, could help explain a debilitating neurological condition known as unilateral spatial neglect, which commonly occurs after a stroke causing damage to the […]