NBC Montana: UM Unveils Brain Injury Research

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a serious public health problem which 2.5 million people suffered from in 2010 according to the National Centers for Disease Control. The University of Montana is on the cutting edge of some very important research and today Rep. Steve Daines toured the facilities to learn about the latest project. […]

Times of San Diego: SDSU Autism Study Finds Weakness in Brain Connections That Support Social Functioning

Can a brain “workout” help children with autism improve sociability? A San Diego State University psychology research professor studying brain connectivity associated with autism has found that brain circuits supporting social functioning are less mature and efficient in children with autism. She says her findings show treatments such as neurofeedback-based training could build the brain just like you […]

Sun-Sentinel: First Years Critical for Healthy Brain Development

When babies are born, their minds are still a work in progress, and their brains will rapidly grow and develop based on their experience. That means the first few years are critical for healthy brain development. “Parents play a daily role in promoting lifelong health by focusing on positive ways to nurture brain development, starting […]

HealthCanal: Brain Connectivity Associated with Autism

Through this developmental lens, the San Diego State University psychology research professor hopes to understand the typical and atypical patterns of brain organization and brain connections that give rise to either normative, or abnormal behaviors, especially in the sphere of social behavior such as interacting with or understanding of others. “Social skills and the ability […]

Brain Health Summit

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Brain Blogger: Deliberately Forgetting Memories – Easy for Some

Our autobiographical memories are integral to both making sense of the past and making predictions for the future, as well as providing an understanding of who we are as individuals. Having a lack of control over autobiographical memory retrieval and which memories enter our conscious awareness is debilitating for those suffering from clinical conditions such […]

The Daily Texan: UT researchers show brain makes spatial map using gamma waves

Neurons and gamma waves in the brain can give insight into how people remember their location, according to UT researchers. In a study released Thursday, neuroscience assistant professor Laura Colgin and graduate student Kevin Bieri found the brain’s place cells can create a map using different types of gamma waves. “Place cells are neurons that […]

Business Insider: There’s A Shocking Connection Between Eating More Chocolate And Winning The Nobel Prize

Since chocolate consumption could hypothetically improve cognitive function not only in individuals but also in whole populations, I wondered whether there would be a correlation between a country’s level of chocolate consumption and its population’s cognitive function. To my knowledge, no data on overall national cognitive function are publicly available. Conceivably, however, the total number […]

Medical News Today: Performing tasks in preferred temperature may boost working memory

According to the research team, including Leiden University psychologists Lorenza Colzato and Roberta Sellaro, past studies have suggested that cooler environments boost cognitive performance when carrying our complex thinking tasks. Other research, including a study from the Kessler Foundation in 2012, indicates that warmer temperatures may boost cognitive performance.  (April 21, 2014) http://bit.ly/1r9mzPu

Doctor Tipster: Cognitive Decline Can Result From Poor Sleep in Older Men

Sleep is composed of different stages that form a cycle throughout the night. Good sleep is not just all about how many hours you have slept but also on how much of the various stages of sleep you get each night. The brain is responsible for these stages because it never actually sleeps while you […]