Fox 19: Ambien leads to hope, but not cure for thousands of patients

About a third of people who suffer a severe brain injury do not survive. Of those that do, they are either drifting in and out of consciousness or in a complete coma and their future is mostly uncertain. But for some, a medication given for an unintended use is opening patients, doctors and researcher’s eyes. […]

Huffington Post: The Arts Are Chocolate for the Brain

This was one of Dr. Gene Cohen’s favorite sayings. He was a gero-psychiatrist, research scientist, and author of the book, The Creative Age: Awakening Human Potential in the Second Half of Life. Dr. Cohen believed mature adults can improve their cognitive skills and overall health by participating in the performing and creative arts. Findings from his […]

Nature World News: What Your Brain Does When You Meditate

Researchers have recently discovered how different meditation techniques cause brain activity to change in remarkably different ways, showing that meditation can truly impact the activity of the mind. These findings are detailed in a study published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. According to the studyHceck out, researchers assessed the brains of 14 participants in […]

Discovery: Why We Shouldn’t Fear Intelligent Bots

When a person goes to the doctor, the physician will take their temperature, measure their height and weight and take their blood pressure. But what about measuring mental health? “We’re ignoring our brain,” Lathan said. If doctors could track brain health over time, they could detect changes, such as concussions, depression or Alzheimer’s disease. While […]

News Medical: Researcher identify four new microRNAs involved in regulation of BDNF levels

Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) regulates many processes including memory and learning in our daily tasks. Levels of BDNF are important in determining the outcome of these processes. BDNF also carries strong potential to treat neurodegenerative diseases  which, among other things, affect memory and learning, such Alzheimer’s. MicroRNA-206 was in 2012 shown to down-regulate BDNF levels. When in the […]

Times of India: Meditation helps military personnel fight stress

Mindfulness training – a combination of meditation and body awareness exercises – can help help soldiers prepare for and recover from stressful combat situations, a study showed. Incorporating meditative practices into pre-deployment training might be a way to help military personnel reduce rates of stress-related health conditions, including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and […]

MSNBC: Obama will tackle concussions during sports summit

The White House hopes to inform the public about sports-related injuries by hosting a conference next week, when President Barack Obama is expected to unveil new commitments by the public and private sectors aimed at raising awareness against those damages. Obama has invited athletes, coaches and parents to attend the White House Healthy Kids and Safe […]

Medical Xpress: Genes play key role in brain injury risk for premature babies

Premature babies’ risk of brain injury is influenced by their genes, a new study suggests. Researchers have identified a link between injury to the developing brain and common variation in genes associated with schizophrenia and the metabolism of fat. The study builds on previous research, which has shown that being born prematurely – before 37 […]

HealthCanal: Brain booster for bipolar disorder

Deakin University’s IMPACT Strategic Research Centre, in partnership with Barwon Health, is undertaking a world-first trial combining a drug used to treat paracetamol overdose with nutraceuticals as a potential new treatment for bipolar depression. Bipolar disorder affects functioning of the brain, causing people to experience extreme high (mania) or low (depression) moods. People with bipolar […]