Business Insider: There’s A Shocking Connection Between Eating More Chocolate And Winning The Nobel Prize

Since chocolate consumption could hypothetically improve cognitive function not only in individuals but also in whole populations, I wondered whether there would be a correlation between a country’s level of chocolate consumption and its population’s cognitive function. To my knowledge, no data on overall national cognitive function are publicly available. Conceivably, however, the total number […]

Medical News Today: Performing tasks in preferred temperature may boost working memory

According to the research team, including Leiden University psychologists Lorenza Colzato and Roberta Sellaro, past studies have suggested that cooler environments boost cognitive performance when carrying our complex thinking tasks. Other research, including a study from the Kessler Foundation in 2012, indicates that warmer temperatures may boost cognitive performance.  (April 21, 2014)

Doctor Tipster: Cognitive Decline Can Result From Poor Sleep in Older Men

Sleep is composed of different stages that form a cycle throughout the night. Good sleep is not just all about how many hours you have slept but also on how much of the various stages of sleep you get each night. The brain is responsible for these stages because it never actually sleeps while you […]

The Express Times: Bethlehem company hopes mobile device that identifies concussions will become sports standard

The mobile, wearable device measures brainwave biosensor data to help evaluate concussions. Company officials say it’s the first mobile objective contributor in diagnosing concussions, which often is determined by subjective methods, such as checking vision and balance. “Objective data — provided rapidly, near the athletic field — would empower field clinicians with a considerable advantage […]

The Score: An 18-year-old intern who kept messing up brain surgery on mice accidentally stumbled on a scientific breakthrough

The researchers found that brain damage could be significantly reduced if an antioxidant is applied immediately after the trauma. The study, which was of great interest to the NFL world, was based on the observation of mice immediately after brain trauma. In a remarkable happenstance, the study wouldn’t have been possible if Roth hadn’t been so bad […]

New York Post: From Mullet to Math Genius After a Concussion

Padgett’s world is bursting with mathematical patterns. He is one of a few people in the world who can draw approximations of fractals, the repeating geometric patterns that are building blocks of everything in the known universe, by hand. Tree leaves outside his window are evidence of Pythagoras’ Theorem. The arc that light makes when […]

Fox News: Half of Jailed NYC Youths Have a Brain Injury, Study Shows

About half of all 16- to 18-year-olds coming into New York City’s jails say they had a traumatic brain injury before being incarcerated, most caused by assaults, according to a new study that’s the latest in a growing body of research documenting head trauma among young offenders. Experts say the findings, published this week in The […]

Tampa Bay Times: Laser Plus MRI Equals Less Invasive Brain Surgery Option

Laser surgery begins with a fingernail-size opening in the skull. The laser probe, thinner than a strand of spaghetti, is pushed directly into the area to be treated, then heat is applied, usually for a minute or two. The heat burns away small brain tumors and small areas of brain tissue responsible for some epileptic […]

ABC News: Laughing Makes Your Brain Work Better, New Study Finds

In a recent small study conducted at Loma Linda University in Southern California, 20 normal, healthy, older adults watched a funny video distraction-free for 20 minutes, while a control group sat calmly with no video. Afterwards, they performed memory tests and had saliva samples analyzed for stress hormones. You guessed it; those who got to […]